It's Cabin Time

Monday January 09, 2012 Written by tom

Anyone of a vaguely artistic disposition has probably thought about getting a residency at some point. It sounds amazing — get paid to go somewhere remote and hole up to do your art for a while.

Well, a US-based collective has come up with a new spin on the concept, and taken the 'somewhere remote' bit to the extreme. Cabin Time is a roaming residency that takes groups of artists off to isolated parts of Michigan, with the aim of facilitating creative endeavours based on the rustic locations that they visit.

The first expedition is taking place at a log cabin in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park right now, and there's plenty of information about the artists participating on the website. More importantly, there will be a call for entries for the second expedition real soon, so if an Alone in the Wilderness sort of odyssey sounds like your artistic style, check it out here.

Image: Cabin Porn