Hippies on the Rocks

Wednesday June 25, 2014 Written by Wilfred

While flower power was blooming in San Francisco, four hours to the east in Yosemite early rock climbers were creating their culture. Valley Uprising focuses on the rivalry between two climbers with markedly different personalities and approaches.

Royal Robbins is philosophical, comparing well-executed climbs to the symphonies of Beethoven, whilst hard partying Warren Harding rolls into the valley in a hot rod with some fine ladies in tow. Whilst one-upping each other through progressively more daring climbs, they and their brethren clash forces with park authorities.

Rock climbing today is somewhat conventional, but this documentary examines a point in time when practitioners were building from the ground up. When the uninitiated ask ‘why do you climb mountains?’ their response is, ‘cuz we’re insane!’ This film shows the method to their madness and the story behind their struggle.

Valley Uprising opens in September. Check the website as details emerge.