Cave Cam

Saturday March 28, 2015 Written by Ronan

Vietnamese-based photographer Ryan Deboot piloted a drone through the five kilometer-long, terrarium-like cavity of the Hang Son Doong cave, and the resulting footage is mesmerizing.

Drones are often well-suited to capturing the macro, but Deboot’s excellent piloting skills and trained eye for elegant composition captures the micro just as well: from the flora, rivers and stalagmites that occupy the cave’s floor to the soaring heights above the cave’s dolines (or ‘skylights’, for us non-cave-faring folk).

There’s something beautifully otherworldly about the footage. It’s hard to believe this natural wonder is only a plane (or drone) trip away.

Alas, as seems to be the case with every drone video uploaded ever, the soundtrack on this one’s a bit on the nose. We recommend muting and putting this on instead.