In 1996, a tornado hit a Canadian drive-in theatre during a screening of the hit film Twister. Or did it? This surprising gem of a short film investigates. 

Someone seriously needs to tell Dr Who about this place.

Turns out medieval re-enactments are bloodier than you think (but still unashamedly geeky).

We were pretty taken with this short film about a ‘hut warden’ working in the New Zealand wilderness. Perfect for anyone who dreams of escaping the rat race (and doesn’t mind dealing with the odd rat from time to time). 

“It’s like kneeling in a bath of porridge with a rainstorm coming down on your head.” 


Now here’s something to mullet over: for aeons, people have crafted leather out of fish. Here’s a brief how-to.

Swiss Cabin Porn

Tuesday November 14, 2017

It’s no secret that we enjoy ogling the odd rustic cabin nestled in ridiculously good-looking scenery. Happily, the country of Switzerland is full of these places, surrounded by Toblerone-shaped mountains, sparkling glaciers, rushing waterfalls and the odd Alpine goat. Here are some handsome-looking places we put together with our friends at Switzerland Tourism. 

To celebrate the start of cycling season, we’re giving away this nifty Harrier bike, care of Reid Cycles. Take out a 12-month Smith subscription before midnight, Oct 31, and we’ll put you in the draw.

A Month in the Life of a Cargo Ship

Tuesday October 03, 2017

An utterly hypnotic time-lapse taken from a cargo ship as she travels from Egypt to Hong Kong. 

You Did Not Sleep There

Saturday September 30, 2017

An Instagram account that's devoted to poking fun at the most illogical camping spots in the world.