The Head Hunter

Sunday March 25, 2018

Behold – possibly the world's coolest collection of logos from old and obscure bicycles, known as 'headbadges'.

“I had my fingers blacked by frostbite and endured temperatures so cold that three of my metal fillings contracted and fell out.” Read one man’s bone-chilling story of retracing the steps of Sir Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica. 

Surface Tent-Sion

Friday March 16, 2018

Yep, it's a floating tent. (Just don't go wandering about in the middle of the night in search of a tree to relieve yourself...)

Mullet Fest 2018 Just Happened

Thursday March 01, 2018

What were you doing last weekend? Were you in the small NSW town of Kurri Kurri? No? Pity.

There's nothing like some hearty Russian folk songs to kickstart your week. (Side note: none of the choristers actually speak Russian.)

Feel inspired and inadequate at the same time with this mesmerising time-lapse video.

Martin Machado, with his eye-popping photos and his witty blog, takes us into his adventurous world in the merchant marine.  

In 1996, a tornado hit a Canadian drive-in theatre during a screening of the hit film Twister. Or did it? This surprising gem of a short film investigates. 

Someone seriously needs to tell Dr Who about this place.

Turns out medieval re-enactments are bloodier than you think (but still unashamedly geeky).