The Makeshift Homes of Spanish Nomads

Saturday December 15, 2018

Living off the grid usually means forking out for an expensive modular house and a dozen solar panels. But for this nomadic community in the Spanish mountains, the concept is a lot more basic. Photographer Ben Murphy investigates.

The Well of Death

Friday November 30, 2018

India’s gravity (and seatbelt) defying stunt drivers risk life and limb for the thrill of the crowd. But their high-octane days may be numbered.

If he can conquer literal mountains without a rope, you can conquer whatever figurative ones stand before you.

After 35 years away, Mark Palmer returned home to New Zealand and built the best sheep farm outpost we’ve ever seen. (And we’ve seen at least two.)

Tassie Totem

Wednesday October 03, 2018

Tasmania is known for its rolling hills, lush forests and extinct tigers. This 60-metre-tall ‘totem pole’ should be added to that list.

The Art of Hiking

Wednesday September 26, 2018

A 24-year-old hiker turns his mountain adventures into an artwork.

The world's largest cave was only discovered in 2009. And now you can camp inside it.

Viking Theme Park

Saturday August 11, 2018

In Iceland, the meticulously built set for an abandoned film has become an unofficial viking theme park.

A Journey of Titanic Proportions

Monday August 06, 2018

Want to visit history’s best-known shipwreck? Now you can (provided you've got a spare $100K).

Changing a Light Bulb in the Sky

Friday August 03, 2018

Better hope this guy didn't bring a screw-on when he needed a bayonet.