Chasing Ice (DVD giveaway)

Wednesday August 28, 2013

For most people, ice only comes in cubes and isn't worth worrying about until it's melted in their glass. National Geographic photographer James Balog sees things a little differently.

Mapping Area 51

Monday August 26, 2013

Attention UFOlogist: not only is Area 51 real, it’s now officially on the map. Get out your compass and tinfoil hat.

The Stalacpipe Organ

Wednesday August 14, 2013

Almost 50 metres beneath the ground in Page County, Virginia lies the world’s largest musical instrument: a four-acre cave-turned-keyboard known as the Great Stalacpipe Organ.

Indie Games: Journey

Monday July 29, 2013

When asked to describe the experience of Journey, an 'interactive parable' from Thatgamecompany, most people struggle to find the right words...

Battleship Island

Wednesday July 24, 2013

Hashima Island sits about an hour off the coast of Nagasaki. Once the teeming hub of Japan's coal industry, it at one point held more than 83,500 people per square kilometre, making it the most densely populated area on Earth.

Tunnel of Aggression

Monday July 15, 2013

North and South Korea are separated by a 250-kilometre stretch of land known as the Demilitarized Zone. Except, of course, for the secret tunnels the North burrowed between the two.

Landscapes Gone Wild

Monday June 17, 2013

Blue water, white snow and yellow deserts: Earth’s a pretty nice if predictable place. But then you see these photos of our planet at its weirdest and wonder if we know it at all.

By The Lake

Wednesday May 08, 2013

By The Lake, Tasmania is a short web film by new Melbourne production company Betty Wants In, which captures the pace, intent and wildernessy romance of fly fishing.

Damien Mander is using unmanned drones for good. Four years ago the ex Australian soldier turned his training to stop rhino poachers. He had this to say before his talk at TEDxSydney tomorrow.

Cowboy Western Village

Tuesday April 30, 2013

If you ever needed proof that “Build it and they will come” was not the foolproof business model Field of Dreams made it out to be, this abandoned theme park 110 kilometres north of Tokyo might just be the wake up call you need.