Underwater waterfalls

Thursday December 05, 2013

This island paradise is known for its idyllic beaches, dead dodos and – if these pictures are to be believed – underwater waterfalls that defy the very laws of the universe.


Monday November 11, 2013

Travel advice sites are the great aunts of the internet: mouthy bastions of information dressed in last century’s designs. Triptease gives the travel site a much-needed makeover.

Sunday Reading: S

Sunday November 10, 2013

The smell of the paper, the Dewey Decimal stamp on the bound spine and the name 'J.J. Abrams' on the cover indicates that this is not an ordinary book.

The House That Rev Built

Wednesday November 06, 2013

It has five storeys, 80 rooms and is topped off with a church and bell tower. Is it a haunted mansion, or the world's largest tree house?

Thirsty Thursday: The Winesmiths

Thursday October 03, 2013

October long weekend is the holiday of the year for camping. Not too hot on land, but warm enough in the ocean for a splash. 

Eagle Cam

Thursday October 03, 2013

So this is what it feels like to soar like an eagle through the French alps...

Hank Bought a Bus

Saturday September 28, 2013

It began as an school project and will end as the most stylish 8000 kilometre adventure through the States in road tripping history. We want a ticket.

Most of us remember Chris McCandless: the guy who burnt his money, went into the wild and died after eating wild potatoes. Twenty one years after his body was found, the cause of McCandless's death has finally been explained.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Two million bucks may seem steep for a vacant lot in suburban Las Vegas. But dig a little deeper (literally) and you’ll find something special: a subterranean home designed to live out the apocalypse in style.

Walking On the Edge

Friday September 06, 2013

The one thing missing from this beautiful Norwegian landscape? Some patented Norwegian design. The Aurland Lookout rectifies that.