Meet the Low-Tide Fisherman of Sanur

Tuesday November 12, 2019 Written by James

French photographer Laurent Laporte noticed something weird on his recent trip to Bali. Every morning at Sanur, on the southeast coast, dozens of strangely dressed fishermen would wade into the water during low tide.

Turns out they were fishing for Baronang, a local delicacy that Laporte describes (with an inaudible Gallic sniff) as “nothing special”. The complicated, jerry-rigged clothing is just good sense: hats have little bait boxes attached (for easy storage), there’s a basket to keep your catch, and cotton face masks protect against the harsh Balinese sun. Laporte grabbed his camera, waded out and started shooting, bobbing around in water up to his neck.

These fishermen aren’t locals. They’re city workers who travel to Sanur on Bank Holidays – to fish, chat and socialise among the waves. “I think they’re here to spend time together,” Laporte says, ”side by side in the water. Speaking, joking and competing about fishing.”

You can check out Laporte’s Sanur photo series here.