We Would Like to Live in This Hand-Made Log Cabin, If It's Not Too Much to Ask

Friday March 01, 2019 Written by Smith


Log cabins. Many of us want one. Few of us have them. Fewer still have ones they can proudly say they built themselves.

Photographer Jon Coffer is one of these lucky few. He lives in a ramshackle, hand-hewn hut on 50 acres in New York, and as this short video from Lost and Found Films shows, life on the land is every bit as slow and charming as you might imagine. A tintype (read: very old fashioned) photographer, Coffer seems fully dedicated to doing things the old way. And while he makes 19th-century life seem pretty darn relaxing, we think we’d get even more out of the experience. “Monday morning, if I want to get out of bed at 9 o’clock, I can do that,” Coffer explains. “I don’t have to punch a clock somewhere and rush, rush, rush.” We’d probably extend the sleep in until at least 9:30, but we take his point.


Are you one of the lucky few with your own cabin? We’d love to hear about it. Sling us an email with some photos and maybe we’ll feature your own Rancho Relaxo on the blog, too.