The Makeshift Homes of Spanish Nomads

Saturday December 15, 2018 Written by Smith

Living off the grid is a great ambition – if you can afford it. All that self-sufficiency can be pretty expensive to fork out for, particularly at the beginning when modular buildings, sewerage systems and solar panels need buying.

Of course, there’s a more “no-frills” way to go about getting off the beaten track. For this nomadic community in the mountains of southeast Spain, that can mean anything from chucking a tarp over a bunch of poles (and somehow adding a door), to building your own grass-roofed hut from the materials around you.

British photographer Ben Murphy has visited the area on and off for close to a decade, and the resulting photo series, The Riverbed, highlights the sheer variety of dwellings that have been built in the environment.

"The work aims to consider values and expectations of home, society and notions of freedom,” he told Dezeen, “while drawing out some of the inevitable paradoxes, compromises and entanglements inherent in rejecting the dominant system." We’re not ready to give up on that modular house just yet. But it’s nice to know what a little innovative thinking can get you.