A Minimalist Outpost in a Maximalist Sheep Farm

Wednesday October 31, 2018 Written by Smith

After 35 years living in the U.S., Mark Palmer returned home to New Zealand and built what might be the best outpost on a sheep farm we’ve ever seen. (And we’ve seen at least two.)

Designed by architect Andrew Patterson, the homestead combines modern minimalism with more traditional elements. The aim was to try and blend in with – rather than stand out of – the 4,000-acre Banks Peninsula landscape, which abuts the coastline of Scrubby Bay in the country’s South Island.

As he told Homes to Love magazine, “I labored very hard about whether to do a completely abstracted form on that site, and I didn’t want to do that because that bay is eternal, and one thing that you do know is it’s likely to be a farm for a long time. If you pick a contemporary form, you fight the timeless nature of the bay. But the building is reasonably abstracted in a material sense – everything about it is still very contemporary.”

Best of all, the 14-person sleeper can be rented out. Enquire here when you’re next in the area.