Tassie Totem

Wednesday October 03, 2018 Written by Chris

Tasmania is known for its rolling hills, lush forests and extinct tigers. This 60-metre-tall 'totem pole' should be added to that list.

Located at Cape Hauy in the island's south-east, the 'pole' is what's known in the biz as a 'sea stack': a geological curiosity formed when wind and water erode a cliff face, which causes steep vertical columns to form. And steep it is. At just under 65 metres, the pole draws its fair share of adrenalin seekers. Given that the park forbids the use of bolts, rock-climbing is strictly for the diehards.

Geologists estimate the Totem was formed about 100 years ago. As the winds and waves that formed it show no signs of abating (Tasmania's weather is famously forbidding), we shouldn't expect it to last. Nature maketh, nature taketh away.