A Journey of Titanic Proportions

Monday August 06, 2018 Written by Taz


The bottom of the ocean floor, following that infamously deep dive taken by the Titanic, is not where most ocean-going voyagers hope their holiday to head. Yet for a select troop of passengers setting out to sea next year, that’s exactly where they’ll be venturing. And just like their ill-fated predecessors 106 years before, they’ll be paying top dollar for the privilege: $105,129, to be exact.

Since its discovery in 1985, fewer folk have visited the Titanic in its current resting spot than have been to space or summited Mt. Everest. That, at least, is the claim made by OceanGate, the American submersible company currently selling 11-day tours that will include an exploration of the Titanic wreck 3,800 metres below sea level. 

If you’re wondering about the random-sounding price tag, that’s what a First Class passage aboard the ill-fated vessel would have set you back in 1911, adjusted for inflation. The price includes accommodation and meals aboard the dive support ship, Mission Specialist training, expedition gear, and presentations by content experts and scientists. This is no cushy cruise through the Bahamas, however. The Titanic Survey Expedition is foremost a research mission, meaning Mission Specialists will be invited to assist the dive and operations team with laser scanning, data logging and other support work.

The 2019 expedition will be the first time that people will be able to directly view the Titanic’s wreckage in 13 years. With only nine spots available on each mission, four of the six have already been booked out. The submersibles themselves have room for five, including one pilot and one content expert – though Rose would surely maintain there only enough room for one.

Illustration: Andrea Gatti, via OceanGate