Meet the World’s Most Unlikely Rev Head

Wednesday July 18, 2018 Written by Sam Wilson

At first glance, retired schoolteacher Marlowe Boyd looks like he’d drive a sensible, mid-range sedan, probably in an equally sensible shade of white or silver. But this mild-mannered and conservatively dressed old chap with the neatly trimmed beard and specs is the proud owner of a gas-guzzling, head-turning, apple-green 1971 Dodge Charger – and the unlikely hero of the charming video, above.

That cliché of tattoo-laden delinquents disturbing the suburban peace in their noisy V8s? Forget it. As Marlowe observes, “When you look around at who’s buying these high-performance muscle cars now, they’re not kids – they’re senior citizens who used to have them when they were kids and they’re trying to relive their childhood.”

Mind you, Marlowe – who admits he never really grew up -- has had his Charger since he was a youngster; together, they’ve shared decades’ worth of good times (including when his dad was alive and riding shotgun). And his passion for the green machine remains undiminished. Whether he’s cruising the Californian backroads or admiring his car’s powerful engine, polishing its near-immaculate paintwork or waxing lyrical over the Dodge Charger’s reputation and “immortal style” (while bemoaning modern automobiles’ lack of character), one thing is clear: this is a man in love.

And this short video is his love song.

Produced by ALCHEMY Creative