The Museum of Water

Tuesday June 26, 2018 Written by Smith

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Amy Sharrocks is the founder of the Museum of Water, a travelling exhibition of – you guessed it – H2O. The photo above shows a container containing tears cried by a mother and daughter. In the one below, the jar captures 'water fights and tea parties on Pop's deck'. 

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What’s the Museum of Water?

It’s a collection of water given to me by anybody who wants to donate it.

Why water?

It’s an extraordinary substance that impacts our lives in so many ways, but we’ve forgotten to notice it.

What waters made the cut?

I don’t pick and choose; I treasure everything donated. So far we’ve received 1281 bottles, though most aren’t on display. There’s a British collection, a Dutch collection, and most recently an Australian collection, at the Western Australian Museum.

Any favourite samples?

So many. The British Antarctic Survey donated a bottle with water from 129,000 years ago. There’s a bottle of sludge from a failed attempt to make biofuel from human waste. One person brought a sample of menstrual blood. The Western Australian Museum declined to house that one.

Do donations differ between countries?

Some places understand how precious water is. A lady from Cape Town donated her daily water ration. Australia is similar; you have a sense of life and death with water.

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Image above: river water sample from a floating item of rubbish.

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