Surface Tent-Sion

Friday March 16, 2018 Written by Luke Ryan


Sick of sleeping on the ground when you go camping, like a goddamn animal? Of course you are. Behold: the Shoal Tent, a completely waterborne camping solution that allows you to pitch camp in the middle of the river, as if you were Jesus himself. Yes, this is a real product that you can purchase using your real dollars. Basically a high-end inflatable raft with bonus tent-topper, it means the great outdoors just became that much easier to nap in. As the company’s own marketing copy points out, “70 percent of the Earth is covered with water, and now you can camp on it.” We wouldn’t advise, say, trying to pitch a tent in the Pacific, but if the swell is less than 5cm and you’re feeling particularly balanced, it could be the novelty camping option you’ve been waiting for. Just try not to roll out of the bed in the morning.


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