Welcome to the One-Stop Shop for Time Travellers

Friday January 26, 2018 Written by sam

tardis finalWS

Congratulations: you finally did it. After countless failed prototypes and years of deciphering convoluted physics formulae, you’ve built a time machine that just might fly. You’ve compiled your time travel playlist, recruited your trusty robot sidekick, and you’re ready to rock the fourth dimension. There’s only one thing left to do: stock up on supplies at the Time Travel Mart.

From time-travel sickness pills that ‘stop the symptoms of chronotosis before they start’, to robot milk so Robbie stays hydrated and mammoth chunks to serve up at your first Neanderthal dinner party, you’ll find them all there. 

This Los Angeles-based ‘convenience store for time travellers’ will ensure your journey is both pleasant and well-prepared, whether your destination is the distant future or the prehistoric past. After all, their slogan is ‘Whenever you are, we’re already then’ – a trans-temporal theme embodied by the robot and caveman shaking hands in the Echo Park branch’s front window.

But there’s more to the Time Travel Mart than toenail-scented Viking Odorant (yes) and fresh dinosaur eggs. Out back, behind the weird-and-wonderful retail spaces, are classrooms run by 826LA, a not-for-profit writing and tutoring organisation that helps more than 9,000 young students improve their writing skills every year. Proceeds from the store go towards funding this important initiative.

And because good writing transcends time, the kids’ publications are even sold in-store, where they can be found (cryogenically preserved?) in the freezer.

Image: sf.co