A Month in the Life of a Cargo Ship

Tuesday October 03, 2017 Written by Garry

Maritime sailor and vlogger Jeffrey Tsang made a dramatic 30-day time-lapse video from the deck of his cargo ship, capturing lightning, storms, sunrises and the milky way in 80,000 photos. (Watch it below.) You may fall off your seat at around the 5:10-minute mark, as the freighter looks like it’s speeding into the harbour, ducking and dodging boats and ocean obstacles like a virtual reality avatar.

Watching the offloading of containers, as day turns to night and the lights burn bright, is an astonishingly beautiful sight. Tsang’s simple captions that appear intermittently throughout the film provide an unobtrusive commentary on what we’re seeing and where we’re at.

This video is no one-off; Tsang is in the habit of documenting his life at sea, including this doco (which also includes some time lapse) tracing his freighter’s path down the Suez Canal.

You can follow the intrepid ocean trotter on Instagram as well, if the sea she be calling you.