You Did Not Sleep There

Saturday September 30, 2017 Written by Suzi

double greenhill wide

Fed up with glossy camping photos bearing zero resemblance to real life, a Canadian snowboarder called Luisa decided to start up her own Insta account, @youdidnotsleepthere, to celebrate the world's most illogical campsites. Turns out that the combination of eye-boggling images of tents pitched on cliff edges and suspended over ravines, together with Luisa's own delectably dry commentary, have helped her amass over 90,000 followers. Either these pics will inspire you to dust off your tent and break out into the wild... or else the images will spur you to burrow further down into your electric blanket-warmed bed with laptop or smartphone for company, and live vicariously through them. 

 camping wide feet

camping wide snow

camping wide sky


To view these photos and more, swing by @youdidnotsleepthere.