Fun and Games in a Deserted Italian Theme Park

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Written by Garry

hide seek wide

In 2010 a group of adult friends in Italy played a spot of hide-and-seek – or nascondino, in Italian. They loved it so much that they decided to open it up to other grown-ups. Fast forward to 2017, and 80 teams from around the world competed recently in the eighth Nascondino World Championships, all vying to win the coveted Golden Fig Leaf trophy. 

To add an extra dimension to the fun and games, the championships are held on the grounds of Consonno, a dilapidated tourist town built in the 1960s by Mario Bagno. He was an entrepreneur who bought up every plot of land in the town, then promptly demolished all the buildings in order to create a Las Vegas-like pleasure paradise, with a “city of toys” theme park, ballrooms, shopping malls, a zoo and a luxury hotel. Unfortunately, Bagno’s grand plan was thwarted when the main road in to Consonno washed away a few years after construction started, killing the project. Read more on Consonno here.