The Otherworldly Colour of the World’s Deserts

Tuesday August 01, 2017 Written by Garry

Landscape photography tends to focus on green pastures, but Luca Tombolini finds beauty in more arid places. The Italian photographer is behind this almost psychedelic series of desert landscapes that presents the world’s most inhospitable places as some of the most colourful.

Bombolini even finds symmetry amongst the ever-moving sands, compositing fine looking snaps that might have you considering a visit to the Moroccan Sahara or the deserts of the Canara Islands where a majority of these photos were taken.

You’d better go prepared though; Bombolini heads out in a proper 4WD and always has a GPS device handy, lest the surrounding sands change so much that he becomes disorientated and lost. He also has to wait patiently to capture that perfect interplay between the sky’s light and desert sands below, often camping out for hours in order to snap these pastel hues.