Living In Your Own Personal Fire Lookout Tower

Sunday April 16, 2017 Written by Garry

There’s something about the thought of spending a summer hidden away from society, working your own personal fire watch tower that appeals to the romantic in us. What’s not to love about a self-sufficient life perched high above the wilderness, washing yourself in a river, maybe even chipping away at little writing, just like Kerouac himself?

The U.S. has a long history of people moving into secluded fire watch towers to keep an eye on things over the summer. Alas, fewer and fewer people today are able to enjoy the privilege of such a picturesque and secluded seasonal job, as technology slowly erodes the need for an eye in the mountains. But, for some lucky person, the dream can still come true, albeit on a far more permanent basis.

In the Idaho Panhandle, near Saint Joe National Park, a fine-looking lookout is on sale for the very reasonable (by Australian standards) $90,000 AUD.

Located on 12.8 acres, the tower was built in 1959 (though relocated in the ’80s), and maintains authenticity through its log outhouse, wood heater, and original Osborne Fire Finder – the mapping device used to detect the location of a pesky fire.

Sure, the fire finder looks as if it has seen better days, and the place looks as if it could do with some upkeep. But if all your dreams of solitude with a view can come true, we’d say it’s worth it.