The Furious Beauty of Storm Chasing

Thursday March 23, 2017 Written by Garry

Thunderstorms tend to invoke awe and wonder in the people trapped in them – and for good reason. What makes for a glorious lightshows on the horizon can quickly become something far scarier if you’re caught in the middle of one.

Common sense tells us to stay as far away from storms as possible, but it turns out not everyone prizes their physical safety as much as we do. Take Mike Olbinski, a photographer so intrigued by storms that he spends the late spring and early summer each year driving around Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, seeking out “supercell” storms and tornadoes.

In his six years visiting America’s Central Plains, Olbinski has accumulated a breathtaking collection of storm snaps. He also managed to film this rotating supercell, which ended up being used in the film Thor: The Dark World a testament to nature’s power, and how it can still top anything a CGI department can conjure up.