A Hut at 4000 Feet

Thursday March 16, 2017 Written by Garry

Right next to a glacier atop Norway’s 4000-foot-tall Okstindan Mountain might not seem like the obvious (or easiest) place to construct a cozy wood cabin, but the Norwegian Trekkers Association didn’t build the Rabot Mountain Hut to service those looking for a relaxing getaway.

The hut, which sleeps thirty and more closely resembles a miniature chateau crossed with an ultra-modern home than it does a traditional hut, is part of a push by the NTA to encourage more Norwegians to explore the country’s mountain regions and the breathtaking terrain held within.

Judging from initial images, it’s hard to see NTA’s plan not succeeding, as the hut and the views it offers should prompt any Norwegian (nay, Earthling) with even a passing interest in the great outdoors to put on their boots.

Of course, the architects behind the Rabot have plenty of experience building houses that will make you want to throw your laptop out the window and head for the hills. You can see their other huts and cabins here.