A Strangely Relaxing Time-Lapse of Lava

Friday February 03, 2017 Written by Smith

Lava, according to Hollywood in 1997, is terrifying. Erupting from the bowels of hell like some kind of demonic spew, the stuff is hot, flowing, and coming right for you. (If you happen to be either Pierce Brosnan or Tommy Lee Jones.)

Of course, in real life lava can be a little more chill. A dude named Tyler Hulett recently captured its more mellow side when he visited Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano with a hi-res time-lapse camera. His resulting video, Dawn of Fire, is strangely mesmerising. Relaxing, even. Which is something we never thought we’d say about lava, but hey, it's 2017.

As with most nature videos, the soundtrack leans a little heavily on the 'world music' / New Age-y side. Admittedly that does help make the whole thing more relaxing, but if you’re looking to wind up rather than down this weekend, may we suggest playing it through the Benny Hillifier.

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