The best day trips for the long weekend

Thursday September 29, 2016 Written by Smith


It’s the long weekend! (In Australia’s eastern states, at least. Please consult with your government before deciding not to show up for work.) To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of the best, most easily accessible hikes and walks around the country, to get you out in the sun (or drizzle, as the case may be).

Each comes from our fleet-footed pals over at Left Foot Right Foot, who specialise in making nice-looking, amateur-friendly walking guides. They’re always on the lookout for new walks, so if you know of somewhere, say something.


Cradle Mountain

You don’t have to go to New Zealand to get your Middle-earth fix: Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, is every bit as Tolkien-esque.

Cradle Mountain

The Western Arthurs

The Western Arthurs range is one of the most prominent mountain ranges in South West Tasmania – it’s only competition being the Eastern Arthurs, which is really just the other half of the ridge.

Western Arthurs


Mt Feathertop

At 1922 metres high, Mount Feathertop is Victoria's second tallest summit, after the higher but flatter Mount Bogong.Fearthertop

The Grampians 

Right near Horsham, the Grampians have been scorched, singed and devastated multiple times over the past couple of millennia. Still, its a thing of beauty, with plenty of walking tracks. 

Grampians 2

Mt Erica track, Mt Baw Baw

The perfect little hike for the colder months. (And there are plenty of them in Victoria.)


Cathedral Range

The Cathedral Range is a large ridge jutting out of the Little River Valley, just under two hours north-east of Melbourne.


Wilson's Prom

It'd take a week to do all the walks Wilson's Prom has to offer. The lighthouse is a good one to get under your belt if you only have a night.


New South Wales

Kiama Coast Walk

Gerrigong is a 90-minute drive south of Sydney and, in keeping with the beauty of a small coastal town, only has four thousand residents.


Royal National Park

If you were to tell someone there’s a huge piece of pristine wilderness within walking distance from the southern suburbs of Sydney, they’d probably dismiss you as batshit crazy.



Girraween National Park

Boulder-filled Girraween National Park, in South East Queensland, is rich with historic and cultural significance. Also: great walking tracks.


Mt Tibrogargan

Tibrogargan is a quick, challenging & visually rewarding climb all rolled into one mountainous package.


South Australia

Mt Remarkable

Did you know there’s an ancient, dried-out coastal system three hours inland from Adelaide? And that it smells faintly of garlic? Nice views, but.



The above walks come care of Left Foot Right Foot, a repository of ultra-casual walking guides for Australia and the world. In addition to their nice-looking website, they're also on Facebook and Instagram.