Living in a Smuggler’s Paradise

Saturday September 24, 2016 Written by Genevieve

For any of you Famous Five fans out there, this is the stuff daring childhood dreams are made of: the wreck of a bona fide smuggler’s ship nestled into the sands of an idyllic Greek island.

Wasting away on Zakynthos, just off the southwest coast of Greece, the Panagiotis is a shell of its former, formidable glory. Once a highly active mover of illicit substances, cigarettes, alcohol and possibly even people, the Panagiotis met its fate in a final showdown with police in 1983. In the midst of a storm, a chase with the authorities ended with the ship running ashore and its operators being taken away to assist police with their enquiries. And there it has sat ever since.

But if the Panagiotis thought it could live out its retirement in peace, it was wrong. Though difficult to get to, the site is now a buzzing tourist destination. No rest (but plenty of rust) for the wicked.

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