Under the Northern Lights

Monday January 04, 2016 Written by Ben

Melbourne-based film-makers Betty Wants In aren’t ones to pass up an opportunity.

So while in Stockholm for a fashion shoot, they headed north for the northern lights. Ill-prepared for the freezing temperatures in only jeans and jumpers, they managed to meet some locals – a dogsledder named Morgan and an ice-fisherman called Tim. Hardy men who carve out a living in the remote north, shivering through a few hours of daylight each day.

So how cold was it? Robert F. Coleman, one of the makers behind the film, shared some insights. “Our eyelids froze. The drone froze while in the sky, freaked out and tried to fly itself home to Melbourne. Our $80k camera was freezing so we had to use hundreds of dollars of heatpacks to keep going. To be fair, the manufacturer recommends not to take it below -5. And it was -37.”

So while it might be tempting to imagine -37 while you swelter through an Australian summer, think of the drones.