Austria's Underground Ice Cave

Tuesday December 29, 2015 Written by Ronan

We’ve been fairly upfront about our love of caves: we’ve written about ones full of carnivorous glow worms; ones in South Australia that you can swim in; ones that were apparently the stomping grounds of mythical giants; and, naturally, the biggest ones in the world.

But what is the coolest one of all? Eiskogelhöhle, an ice cave in the Austrian mountains. (Yes, we mean 'cool' as in cold – apologies for the dad joke – but we also mean it in the vernacular sense too.)

Photographer Peter Godel went to Eiskogelhöhle and came back with these beautiful photos of the rarely documented site. They tell the story, not just of the geological oddity, but of Godel’s personal journey getting there. It wasn’t an easy one: after a few aborted attempts, he was finally able to complete the trip to the to the cave, which sits a whopping 2100 metres above sea level. Many members of his party had to miss out, beaten into submission by the brutal, switching winds. We’re just glad it was the guy with the camera who made it.

For more photos, and to hear more about Godel's journey, head over to Maptia.