Yurt Life

Monday December 14, 2015 Written by Smith

You don’t have to be one of Genghis Khan’s descendants to enjoy living in a yurt. For this couple in the wilds of the U.S., it proved the perfect way to get off the grid.

Sean and Mollie Busby recently purchased ten acres of land in frozen forests of northern Montana. They were keen to move their permanently, but wanted to find a habitat that would allow them to remain off the grid.

The solution came on a snowboarding to trip to Kyrgyzstan, when the pair stayed in their first traditional yurt – a small, easy-to-build and energy efficient tent that has been used in Central Asia for millennia.

Back home they found a local business that could make them a yurt of their own, and had it installed on their property. Powered by solar panels and heated by a wood-fire stove, Sean and Mollie now live almost entirely off the grid (they even pump their own water) – but the yurt itself is so big and solid (its main floor is over 200 square-metres) that from the inside it’s difficult to tell you’re not looking at a regular suburban house.

You can follow the couple on their blog, Two Sticks and a Board – and if you know of anyone doing something similar in Australia, send us an email to let us know.