First-Person Kayaker

Wednesday December 09, 2015 Written by Ronan

When Thomasz Furmanek wants to clear his mind before work, he does what any fjord-loving Norwegian would do if they had the means, and sets off in his kayak.

With a Go-Pro attached to his helmet, Furmanek captures the glacial lakes, fjords, goat-covered riversides and coastal areas of his Nordic homeland like an ultra-realistic first-person video game where the only shooting is done with a camera.

As a hobbyist (Furmanek’s main gig is at the institute of Marine Science in Bergen) the pictures are mostly taken on weekends, or if he has time, in the one or two hours before work. Which certainly beats our morning pre-commute routine.

You can see all of his photos on his Instagram, and if you feel like following his lead, you can ask him questions on Facebook