Cave-Diving Sinkholes on South Australian Farms

Monday June 29, 2015 Written by Ronan

Australian Sink Holes Smith Journal G1

There are few things more terrifying than the idea of the ground disappearing beneath your feet. And thanks to the ridiculous phenomenon of sinkholes, which seem to be magically appearing around the world at an alarming frequency, it’s a terrifying reality that could almost certainly occur any time, any place. (At least according to our nightmares.)

Notable examples include cavities swallowing cars in Florida and devouring entire intersections in Guatemala. But there’s also been some sinkhole action a little closer to home, as decayed land on rural farms in South Australia has given way to some pretty amazing underwater caves.

Australian Sink Holes Smith Journal G2

Luckily so far it’s been more fun than devastating, as diving enthusiasts have descended en masse to make the most of the new, definitely still terrifying caves. Divers enter the caves via tiny holes on the farmers’ paddocks, which give way, TARDIS-like, to expansive water-filled chambers that make for world-class diving sites (the clear water and shafts of light give excellent visibility).

Your ABC has put together a feature on two of the sink holes. If you’re spelunkin’ at the bit to get down there (you’ll need a diving qualification), get in touch with the Cave Divers Association of Australia, who negotiate directly with the landowners.