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This old test for military recruits reads more like a collab between Dr Seuss and a surrealist poet.

Drawing on ancient Indigenous wisdom, an inspired new approach to fire prevention looks set to protect the environment and change lives.

It was Colombia vs Peru one fateful night in 1976, when two literary titans clashed for reasons that remain unknown to this day. Unlike the World Cup, though, there were no winners.

All aboard: we’re off on a magical mystery tour through the Stockholm subway system, otherwise known as the world’s longest art gallery.

He's dry, wry, self-deprecating and has a lot to say about his fascinating and tiny country. 

The winemaking heroes at Running With Bulls schooled our tongues and brains.

There’s restored Wim Wenders, a Black Forest fairy tale and a real-life story of a 1956 East German school protest. Und we have free tickets to give away. 

Flipbook animations, secret musical scores and glowing Northern Lights: these are just some of the things designers have used to spruce up the world’s most experimental passports.

In news confounding lawyers (and almost everyone else) around the world, the Ganges River has been granted non-human ‘personhood’. Sound crazy? Not when you consider what’s at stake. 

Oh, and scientists have created an edible, biodegradable water bottle.