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A Journey of Titanic Proportions

Monday August 06, 2018

Want to visit history’s best-known shipwreck? Now you can (provided you've got a spare $100K).

Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania

Sunday August 05, 2018

As fifth generation landlubbers, we often wonder what life would be like out on the ocean. These photos of Tasmania's saltiest sailors shed some light on the matter. They’re taken from a new book by Andrew Wilson – and they’re making us want to crack out the dinghy.

When that run-down laundromat finally shutters its doors, Drew Leshko’s painstakingly detailed models will remain.

In Japan, restaurants often hang decorative curtains called noren over their doorways. Anisa Kazemi recently took these photos of her favourite specimens, and they're enough to whet our minimalist-loving appetites.

Changing a Light Bulb in the Sky

Friday August 03, 2018

Better hope this guy didn't bring a screw-on when he needed a bayonet.

Cave of the Giants

Thursday August 02, 2018

What do Pink Floyd, Jules Verne and a giant all have in common? A strangely beautiful cave in Scotland.

The Lost Art of Matchbox Design

Wednesday August 01, 2018

This collection of old matchboxes is proof that, back in the day, you couldn’t start a fire without some art.

Astronauts – they’re just like us!

This eye-popping bunch of old-school ghouls from Edo-era Japan will have you doing the Monster Mash in no time.

For a brief few decades during the Cold War, these crazy-looking ships dominated the waterways of the USSR.