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Artist Morgan Blair gives the show about nothing the impressionist treatment. 

It turns out many pieces of macaroni died to bring us these SFX scenes.

These kites-on-steroids are hypnotic to stare at… and might just portend the future of emission-free commercial flights. 

Bibliophilia and design fetishism had a baby, and they called it 'Book Worship'.

That’s over 100 years’ worth of cartographic joy for your eyeballs. 

They may not be World Cup favourites this year, but Argentina is the only country to have a religion dedicated to their greatest player.

They'll make you do a double take. And that's the point. 

Want to go to Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and/or Iceland but can't spare the euros? The 2018 Scandinavian Film Festival is your next best option – and we have tickets to give away.

Famous Writers' Writing Shacks

Saturday June 30, 2018

How some of history’s greatest writers found inspiration in a shack out the back.

David Lynch doesn’t disappoint in this bizarre interview. And TV journo Charlie Rose sets a new benchmark in awkward.