Ocean Soup

Tuesday February 07, 2012

If there's one thing you never want to see on a menu it's ocean soup, which is also code for the mass debris in the North Pacific Ocean. 

Derek Vincent

Monday February 06, 2012

A touch of mysticism pervades Uneasy, a series of images from New York-based photographer Derek Vincent. 

Film Biz Recycling

Monday February 06, 2012

Have you ever contemplated what happens when films and TV shows finish shooting and are suddenly left with a rococo set filled with couches, garden furniture, office desks and high-end kitchen appliances? 

Nat Baldwin

Sunday February 05, 2012

Having played with Dirty Projectors and Department of Eagles, it's not surprising that Nat Baldwin's solo work is pretty damn teriffic.  

Water footprint

Saturday February 04, 2012

Water, water everywhere, but turn off that goddamn tap man, there's a crisis afoot!

Jo's Mo Show

Friday February 03, 2012

Women get to have skirts and tights and make up and stuff, but men? We get facial hair (chest swells with pride, looks to the horizon, sees an eagle, and sighs). 

Bear 71

Friday February 03, 2012

Bear 71 is the female subject of Leanne Allison and Jeremy Mendes's interactive web documentary produced for the National Film Board of Canada.

Jesse Marlow

Thursday February 02, 2012

Combining an eye for the decisive moment with an elegance lacking in many of his street photography peers, Melbourne-based Jesse Marlow reminds us that art can be clever and beautiful.  

The Artist (ticket giveaway)

Thursday February 02, 2012

There is a fallacy in the film industry that assumes every innovation in technology improves the art. Cinema lovers know that this is untrue. 

S.E.H. Kelly

Wednesday February 01, 2012

Even though they're situated in the middle of East London's wackitude, the good folk at S.E.H. Kelly like to keep it a little real.