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New Movies, Old-Fashioned Covers

Wednesday September 05, 2018

Self-taught artist Matthew Dix spends his spare time designing old-fashioned covers for modern films – and even dubs them back onto VHS. Naturally, we tracked him down to ask why.

Tile Spotting

Tuesday September 04, 2018

You don’t get to walk on most artworks. Mosaics are different. Photographer Sebastian Erras gives some of the more eye-popping ones their dues.

Volume 28 is Now On Sale

Monday September 03, 2018

Hear that? That’s the sound of a new Smith Journal making its grand entrance into the world.

When it comes to giving an old bag new life, these handy instructions have your (ahem) back.

This Man Claims to Own the Moon

Saturday September 01, 2018

After finding a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, Dennis Hope claimed ownership of the moon. For as little as $24, he’s willing to sell you some of it.

An Italian artist asked people to draw a bike from memory, and turned their sketches into strange 3D renderings. 

20,000 Free Maps of the World

Thursday August 30, 2018

Forget your smartphone app: the cartography-loving boffins at the New York Public Library have uploaded 20,000 hi-res historical maps of the world on to the internet.

Finally, an Instagram account calling BS on those too-goo-to-be-true campsite photos.

Good things don’t always come in small packages, as these photos prove.

The Fight Club author proves colouring-in books don’t have to be twee. Or even pleasant.