Plenty of bands try (and fail) to capture the energy of their live shows in the studio. The Milk Carton Kids solved the problem by recording their latest album in empty concert halls, churches and theatres as they travelled across the US.

Whiplash: the Rodeo Monkey

Thursday May 14, 2015

He’s a three-time Rodeo Entertainer of the Year and a certified knight. He’s also a capuchin monkey, and his name is Whiplash.

Classic Car Graveyard

Wednesday April 15, 2015

A chance encounter led this photographer to some of the most eerie hidden car graveyards around the world. Who knew nature and cars could be such good friends?

The Treasure of Maps

Wednesday April 01, 2015

Where do the old maps go to retire now that we’ve moved on to smartphones? Ask Glen Creason, Map Librarian.

A Cut Above: Lawn Mower Racing

Tuesday March 31, 2015

Lawn mower racing might just be the best way to avoid your mundane chores – or turn them into something you actually want to do.

Banding Together

Monday March 23, 2015

When it comes to sport, the players are usually the focus of attention. These photos turn the camera on the brass bands whose performances bookend the contests.

Six Months Alone

Sunday March 22, 2015

Enjoy the great outdoors, fending for yourself and not seeing anyone for six months at a time? Maybe you should become a fire lookout, like Leif Haugen at the Flathead National Park.

You won’t find Elgin Park on a map, but for this model maker it’s as real as the small Pittsburgh town he grew up in.

Wild West for Sale

Thursday February 26, 2015

This Wild West replica town is up for sale, bringing your cowboy fantasies one step closer to reality.

Turns out the rocks that move themselves are getting some help from an unlikely source.

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