Sunday Reading: The Magazine

Sunday April 20, 2014

Don't take the title as arrogant, there's an invisible question mark after the The Magazine. It's not a grand reinvention of publishing, but an inquisitive step into its future.

Iron Zeppelin

Wednesday April 02, 2014

The lead singer of Iron Maiden is funding the world’s largest airship. Which you can fly by remote control. And land on water. Heavy metal.

Swipe My Finger

Thursday March 13, 2014

You think just because we love print that we're luddites? No way José.

Mission to Mars

Saturday February 01, 2014

Would you throw your cash behind the first private mission to Mars? Seems lots of people are keen.

Dillon Marsh

Friday January 03, 2014

South African photographer Dillon Marsh is curious about the way humans interact with the natural environment, which makes these telco trees the perfect subject. 

Smith iPad app

Thursday December 19, 2013

We'll always be fond of print, but we're constantly looking toward the future, too. The fact you can now get Smith Journal on your iPad is proof of that.

Smith Journal Gift Guide 2013

Friday December 06, 2013

'Tis the season for consuming giving, so we've pulled some products we loved from past volumes and mixed them with a collection of new stuff that'd make us grin like toddlers if we unwrapped them on Xmas morning. Buy! Enjoy!


Monday November 11, 2013

Travel advice sites are the great aunts of the internet: mouthy bastions of information dressed in last century’s designs. Triptease gives the travel site a much-needed makeover.

Gamer Kit

Tuesday November 05, 2013

Remember that childhood fantasy where you spend your adult years making video games? It just came true with this DIY gamer kit.

Phone Paper

Saturday November 02, 2013

Apparently we spend about 119 minutes per day looking at our smartphones. That sentence might sound slightly less pathetic if our smartphones looked like this. 

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