Find out what would happen if everyone pointed a laser at the moon.

One man's quest to find the best barbecue in Texas and how he got paid to search.

Twenty-seven years alone in the woods of central Maine.

Eighteenth-Century Psychedelics

Sunday August 17, 2014

Laughing gas was serious business to Georgian-era science. Just ask Humphry Davy, the 18th Century scientist who inhaled the stuff like it was oxygen.

A temporarily open archive means a lot of decisions need to be made.

The New Yorker of science writing.

Extreme Caving

Sunday July 13, 2014

When you gaze long into a cave the cave also gazes into you.

Greece's finest, newest biannual journal of curiosities.

Sunday Reading: Brewster

Sunday June 29, 2014

A three-dimendsional magazine capturing the finest walk in the world.

A question that shouldn't have to be asked is investigated in this artful piece of longform.

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