Sunday Reading: FLATT magazine

Sunday April 13, 2014

Like a cross between a high-production style mag and a contemporary art publication, FLATT magazine pits beautiful images alongside seriously stimulating reading.

Nowhere Magazine features some of the best writing on the net, travel or otherwise. Now they want yours.

In every volume of Smith Journal there are a collection of books, penned by contributors, which span science fiction to self help. The volume 10 reading list comes from James Franco, Elizabeth Gilbert, John Birmingham and many more.

Swipe My Finger

Thursday March 13, 2014

You think just because we love print that we're luddites? No way José.

Smith Journal Volume 10

Monday March 03, 2014

Fast food mysteries solved! Beer, beer and more beer! A plan for the end of the world! Hollywood's very own James Franco! Here's a few reasons to pick up volume 10. 

Sunday Reading Backlist

Sunday March 02, 2014

Sometimes the internet and publishing worlds move so fast you miss the best bits. Here are a few articles and mags that are worth revisiting.

Sunday Reading: Fuet

Sunday February 16, 2014

Culinary mags seem to be more popular than sliced bread at the moment, but Spanish magazine Fuet provides fresh angles and heaps of food for thought.

We're all addicted to the news and most often the worst parts of it. Celebrity gossip, murders, the financial ruin of successful businessmen and women... 

Sunday Reading: Pacific Standard

Sunday January 26, 2014

There's some magic in the way this bi-monthly magazine bites off big chewy social, political and cultural issues and makes them not just accessible but – gasp! – entertaining.

You think ribs are rustic? Try sparrows on toast. This cookbook contains some seriously old fashioned recipes, dating back from the Middle Ages through to World War II. 

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