The Last of the Typewriter Men

Saturday February 28, 2015

Paul Schweitzer is the last typewriter repairman in New York – and one of the last in the world. But his machines will live on long after his trade does.

The World From Above

Friday February 27, 2015

Want to see the world like the astronauts do? Benjamin Grant’s new site gives you the big picture once a day with these stunning photos.

Wild at Heart

Wednesday February 25, 2015

These photographs capture the close-to-forgotten costumes of European pagan rituals.

The Ship Graveyard of Mo'ynaq

Monday February 23, 2015

How did these seafaring vessels end their service 150 kilometres inland?

Building Icons

Monday February 16, 2015

These photos of iconic buildings under construction are both haunting and eerily beautiful.

Unseen World War II

Tuesday February 10, 2015

Thirty-one rolls of undeveloped film taken during World War II have just been developed, helping us to see the War to End All Wars anew after 70 years.

Rock Stars and their Parents

Thursday February 05, 2015

These pictures of '70s rock stars in their parent's homes are equal parts awkward and adorable.

3D Animated Sculptures

Tuesday February 03, 2015

All it takes to turn these 3D printed sculptures into real-life animated GIFs is a little inspiration from nature.

Jim Naughten: We Can Be Hereros

Thursday January 22, 2015

Having adopted the uniforms of the German forces who colonised them, the Herero people in Namibia are sharp dressers.

The Singular Symmetry of Sacred Domes

Wednesday January 21, 2015

These photographs of Iranian mosques let you see what your eyes can't alone.

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