The Oldest School Hip-Hop

Tuesday March 24, 2015

This enterprising blog traces the lineage of present day hip-hop to 15th century England. Why? Because messing with our heads is what the internet is made for.

This London duo turn old government recordings and propaganda films into music. We can’t stop listening. (And we’ve got some albums to give away too.)

This hand-made sculpture of David Bowie’s old teeth is equal parts creepy and fascinating – much like the Thin White Duke himself.

The little-known history of how roller-skating became central to the fight for civil rights, and modern dance music.

Rock Stars and their Parents

Thursday February 05, 2015

These pictures of '70s rock stars in their parent's homes are equal parts awkward and adorable.

Has the Beatles' most enduring puzzle met its match in modern-day mathematic enquiry?

I Like Evolution and I Cannot Lie

Friday January 09, 2015

It turns out Sir Mix-A-Lot didn't just sing about big butts, he sang because of them. The science of how our voices evolved from our behinds.

“Work more and better. Dont get lonesome. Wash teeth if any”. The singer’s resolutions from 1943 offers some good advice, if only we could stick to it.

The History of Guitar Effects

Sunday January 04, 2015

Today's guitarists would sound very different if it weren't for the horde of effects pedals sitting by their feet. This is the story of the little boxes that changed music.

He made a deal with the Devil and influenced rock ’n’ roll for decades after his death. But have we been listening to Robert Johnson's music wrong the whole time?

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