Wet Your Whiskers

Thursday August 28, 2014

While a manly beard is a wonderful thing, the manly scents they capture are often… less so. Sydney’s Weirdy Beardy make that hair on your face look and smell way better.


The Weather War (ticket giveaway)

Tuesday August 26, 2014

This film follows two madcap scientists as they try out their tornado-busting invention.


The Westographer

Monday August 18, 2014

These photos of workplaces from Melbourne's west could be from the '80s. Warren Kirk took them just last year.

This blood moon is a very good omen for your gin.

Sustainable Meat: A Good Idea

Monday August 11, 2014

Virtue is its own reward but meat is a pretty good reward too.

Backyard Bees (book giveaway)

Friday August 08, 2014

To become a beemaster one must think like a beemaster.

The Melbourne Writers Festival is upon us again. Here’s our guide to what’s on. Also: free tickets!

Ghost Town

Monday August 04, 2014

The line between charming small town and terrifying ghost town can be pretty fine, as these pictures by Ben Blacket show.

This new book by founder of the Crafty Pint features 150 reasons to get up in the morning.

Hot Chocolate Festival

Friday August 01, 2014

Thirty-one hot chocolates in 31 days.

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