The Melbourne International Film Festival is back. It was hard work whittling 250 movies down to a top five. But we've done it.

The Putter

Wednesday July 09, 2014

We'll take a man making scissors over Lee Carvallo any day.

Golden Age Cinema

Thursday July 03, 2014

David Lynch. Wes Anderson. Jim Jarmusch. Your favorite auteurs are at home at Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema. We’ve got 10 double passes to give away.

The geographical region that brought you Ingmar Bergman and Lars Von Trier gets its own film festival. Finally.

Hippies on the Rocks

Wednesday June 25, 2014

Beatniks chased jazz and proto-hippies dropped acid. But Valley Uprising documents the pioneering of another escapist countercultural pursuit: rock climbing.

Over the Moon

Tuesday June 24, 2014

Wanna see a doco about the blind muso who played on the steets dressed as a Viking, influencing everyone from John Cage to Jarvis Cocker? The film about Moondog needs your support!

Frank (ticket giveaway)

Thursday June 19, 2014

You mightn't recognise Michael Fassbender's well-chiselled mug in Frank, but his body is all over it. 

Palo Alto (ticket giveaway)

Friday May 30, 2014

Sex, drugs and self-destruction become beautiful, eye-candied poetry in Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto.

In the 70s, punk’s DIY spirit inspired music lovers all over the world to start a band, make a zine, or open a record shop – even in Belfast amidst The Troubles.

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back again vying for the title of ‘most entertaining road trip companion’. This time, they’re taking The Trip to Italy.
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