CAT Footwear (Giveaway)

Tuesday April 07, 2015

The CAT Sequoia boot hits the sweet spot between sensible work clothing and good-looking casual wear. And we're hitting the sweet spot by giving some pairs away.

Odd Pears (Sock Giveaway)

Thursday March 26, 2015

Odd socks might be the bane of laundry day, but the latest range from this Aussie sock brand finds style in the mismatched glory. (And we’ve got some to give away.)

Chappelli Cycles and Henri 1865 have teamed up to make this range of European-themed bikes and apparel. And we've got some to give away.

Shop Spotlight: AS Colour

Friday November 07, 2014

Getting the basics right just got easier.

All That Jazz (glasses giveaway)

Thursday September 04, 2014

Jazz cats like Miles, Coltrane, and Billie always had the coolest style. British brand Black Eyewear commemorates the greats with stylish frames.

Handsom by name, handsome by nature. The Melbourne clothiers have opened a new shop.


Gubb and Mackie

Wednesday June 04, 2014

The New Zealand-based naval tailors also make excellent regular tailors.

Elver (boot giveaway)

Tuesday April 08, 2014

Kiwi designers Elver have named their first range of mountain boots after Sir Edmund Hillary. Made for walking.