Where’s the Sniper?

Thursday March 26, 2015

These might look like serene landscape photos. But hidden in each one is a well-disguised sniper. Reckon you can spot them?

Thousand Year Photo

Wednesday March 25, 2015

This camera is taking a single long-exposure photo over the course of a millennium. Because good things come to those who wait.

The Oldest School Hip-Hop

Tuesday March 24, 2015

This enterprising blog traces the lineage of present day hip-hop to 15th century England. Why? Because messing with our heads is what the internet is made for.

The Art of Street Writing

Tuesday March 17, 2015

Sometimes the best art is hidden in plain sight. Like the mesmerising craft behind painting mundane road signs.

Ads in the USSR

Monday March 16, 2015

Think today’s TV commercials are a bit much? These ads from the Soviet Union took things to surreal heights.

This London duo turn old government recordings and propaganda films into music. We can’t stop listening. (And we’ve got some albums to give away too.)

You won’t find Elgin Park on a map, but for this model maker it’s as real as the small Pittsburgh town he grew up in.

This hand-made sculpture of David Bowie’s old teeth is equal parts creepy and fascinating – much like the Thin White Duke himself.

Watch the Spinal Tap Pilot

Friday January 23, 2015

An unearthed short film from the Spinal Tap crew turns it up to 11.

Has the Beatles' most enduring puzzle met its match in modern-day mathematic enquiry?

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