There you are, staring into the screen, and here we are, staring back at you, offering up an e-news filled with some pretty remarkable things. There's a locksmith working from the smallest store in New York, a doghouse made by one of the world's great architects and a stool sample (it's not what it sounds like). If you haven't locked eyes with the Smith Survey yet then that's waiting for you here too. Take five minutes to fill it out and you could be looking through the lens of a new camera. Not a bad view...



Morgan Silk knows how to take photos and he also knows how to road trip. His site flicks from the humble towns around Tasmania to immense monuments in Mongolia and tiered Philippine villages in a way that suggests he's sure where he's going. Based in the U.K. Silk's shot some excellent stuff for Harley Davidson, Land Rover and big telcos like O2, but it's his travel shots that really nail it. The Croatian town of Kupari looks like a whitewashed European cove at first glance, but click a little further and things start to get gnarly.


joe button (GIVEAWAY)

Customising clothes (spread collar, or point? Pleats, or no pleats?) used to be done by a tailor or, for the less-equitable household, a thankless housekeeper. But with the help of a translator app and some very talented Hongkongese fitters, Joe Button has turned the internet into a bespoke tailor, offering a wide range of European cotton shirts, each awaiting your alteration instructions. Thanks to Joe Button we have two customisable shirts to give away. Send your name, address and your preferred style name here to enter.



The life of a locksmith might not scream ‘fairly exciting artist’ to many, but for Phil Mortillaro the two go hand in hand. This great shot film shows him crammed inside his 125-square-foot Manhattan shack (the smallest freestanding building in New York), where he spends his days cutting keys for the people of Greenwich Village, and his nights creating massive metal sculptures in a welding shop he inherited from an old teacher. As for the materials he uses? Keys. What else.




Architect Frank Lloyd Wright created the 'prairie' house, which is often referred to as "the best all-time work of American architecture". He also designed this doghouse for a Labrador retriever named Eddie. 



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Question: What happens when you take one automated robot, a wood stump and some fancy programming? Answer: Not one, but seven chairs. The project and video is the collaborative work of German designers Echtwald, and Kkaarrlls: a furniture group run by students at Karlsruhe University of Art and Design in Germany.


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Brian Cox is a nerd who's way cooler than any of us. When we spoke to him recently, the professor of particle physics, physicist at CERN's laboratory in Geneva and former keyboardist for U.K. band D:Ream was all keyed up about stars.



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