Smart guys wear beards

Smart guys wear beards

Wednesday June 20, 2012 Written by basil

New programming languages are developed all the time, but few ever reach a wide audience. The secret to cutting through could be sporting a beard like a bushranger.

Tamir Kahson, a technology consultant from Israel, thinks there's a direct correlation between the success of a programming language and the length of its creator's facial fuzz.

The evidence suggests he might be onto something. One of the most successful programming languages of all time, 'C' (used to build the UNIX operating system) was put together by designers Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, who also donned bushy beards.

James Gosling created Java, the second most popular programming language. His beard would make the Kelly Gang proud. Some other influential but not overly widespread languages such as Erlang, Perl and BASIC were all created by guys with moustaches. More hair people!

While there are a few exceptions to the rule, there's a plethora of programming languages that never cracked the big time. We suspect their inventors were whiskerless. See all the evidence in WIRED