A Nearly-Perfect Hangover Cure

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A Nearly-Perfect Hangover Cure

Sunday January 01, 2017 Written by Smith

No one would you begrudge you a hangover today. In fact, it’s the one day of the year where a hangover is not only acceptable, but expected. (Pity you have to wait another 364 for the next one.)

But social mores aside, hangovers are, by definition, not very nice to have. So it’s understandable that people have spent centuries searching for cures. Alas, most of the scientific ones offer only unhelpful remedies, like not getting drunk in the first place. (Thanks, Dad.)

Of course, that hasn’t stopped more desperate types from trying to find the ultimate headache, body-shake cure-all, and U.S. culinary mag Lucky Peach reckon they might have found it. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the solution involves eating sheep's placenta. We’ll let them explain themselves, while we roll back into bed. Happy 2017.