Homeless Crab Shacks

Saturday May 09, 2015

Stories involving plastic and the ocean are usually tales of disaster. This project, which pairs homeless hermit crabs with perfectly sized plastic abodes, is an exception.

Peep Show's David Mitchell wants to explain the mysteries of the universe to you, 60 seconds at a time.

Robot Funerals

Saturday April 11, 2015

What happens when your robot 'dies'? In Japan, you give it a proper funeral. (And that could soon be a thing here too.)

Pet Sounds

Thursday April 02, 2015

Scientists have solved the most important scientific question of our time: what music do cats enjoy listening to? (Spoiler: it ain’t MC Skat Kat.)

NASA’s Flame Thrower

Monday March 30, 2015

Sometimes it’s important to enjoy the simple things in life. Like NASA burning a shedload of fuel in the Utah desert.

Draw Like a Robot

Monday February 09, 2015

Who said robots couldn’t make art? This cyborg hand teaches people how to draw by guiding their hands when they stray off course.

Turns out the rocks that move themselves are getting some help from an unlikely source.

Be My Eyes

Thursday January 29, 2015

A new app is helping blind people solve problems by connecting them with sighted counterparts via their smartphones.

Has the Beatles' most enduring puzzle met its match in modern-day mathematic enquiry?

Your Body Underwater

Thursday January 15, 2015

The amazing phenomena that keeps us alive when we dive.

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